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reel slots mod

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Image Source : INDIA TV

What PM Modi told Padmshri painter Krishn Kanhai on his latest art work

Padmshri awardee painter Krishn Kanhai got his latest art work unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The life-size potrait of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel impressed PM Modi so much that he suggested that there should be a special place for the painting. 

"When PM Modi saw the paiting, he said that I want it to be kept at the Statue of Unity (at Kewadia, Gujarat). This is the biggest compliment that I could get. Lakhs of people visit Statue of Unity, it will be big thing for me," Kanhai told India TV Digital. 

Kanhai's painting has Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the background and PM Modi in the foreground. "When the lockdown was announced in March 2020, I thought of making a painting of PM Modi as he one of the most popular leaders of the world. First, I thought I would make PM's painting with Mahatma Gandhi, then decided that I should go ahead with Sardar Patel," Kanhai said explaining how he decided to pick Modi and Patel as the subject of his painting. 

Born in 1961 in Vrindavan in UP, Krishn Kanhai is an artist and painter who specialises in portrait , realistic, contemporary paintings and on lord Radha-Krishna theme paintings. His father Padmashri Kanhai Chitrakar was also a renowned artist. 


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Footfall in Physical Stores

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Results for the companies in this sector in FY2019 varied widely, with nine (including Chow Tai Fook and Rolex) reporting double-digit sales growth, and seven companies (including Fossil and Zhejiang Ming) a fall in sales. Jewelry and watches were the third-highest performing product sector on all composite metrics in FY2019, with year-on-year luxury goods sales growth down 1.8 percentage points, at 6.1%. The composite FY2019 net profit margin for the 22 companies reporting net profits was 10.2%, just one percentage point lower than the Top 100 composite average.

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Keeping this view in mind, the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI), the largest and oldest representative of the domestic clothing industry, with over 4,000 manufacturers and 20,000 retailer members has made the following suggestions to be incorporated in Budget 2021 for assistance to the sector, which the body feels will go a long way in the revival of the industry:

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