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poker zasady gry

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After completing three highly successful years of operation in India and ensuring a creative higher education in fashion, the acclaimed Italian Fashion and Design school, Istituto Marangoni, hosted this evening ‘Synchronicity’, the Mumbai fashion show film showcasing the collections of their 2nd year students.


After completing three highly successful years of operation in India and ensuring a creative higher education in fashion, the acclaimed Italian Fashion and Design school, Istituto Marangoni, hosted this evening ‘Synchronicity’, the Mumbai fashion show film showcasing the collections of their second year students.


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The excellent reputation enjoyed by the school lays on the distinctive elements that have marked its identity since the foundation; first of all, the enhancement and promotion of ‘Made in Italy’ values, combined with a strong international vocation, and expressed through an educational system of proven quality and effectiveness; which makes use of the contribution of, and the established collaboration with, the most prominent fashion industries of the world.

Speaking about the virtual showcase, Tarun Pandey, COO – Istituto Marangoni, Mumbai said, “We are thrilled to be hosting ‘Synchronicity’, our first virtual fashion show that highlights our young designers’ talent at Istituto Marangoni Mumbai. We are really very proud of all the hard work that these young creatives have put into their collections and are very happy to see how well they were received.”

“This virtual event culminates a particularly challenging year where we had to adapt to the current situation by transferring our lessons online, which provided us with a new perspective on teaching and embracing new opportunities. In order to make this experience more special we increased cross-school masterclasses with faculty from our international Marangoni institutes in Europe. While this was done to enhance and manage learning during the pandemic, we plan to continue these even when all students are back at the school. Also, the Mumbai institute organised numerous online panels and interviews locally in India to ensure industry relevance. On the Group level, Istituto Marangoni is doing an ongoing series of talks for our worldwide student community as well,” he added.

The show saw the second-year fashion design students from the Mumbai school showcasing their work. The highlights of the show are as follows:

Manshu Kumari showcased her collection, ‘Reminisce’, for which the idea came to her from the word ‘reminiscent’, which means to bring back memories. Her collection is based on memories where she was just a child and did not care about growing up.Jharna Panchal’s collection, ‘Un’ Gender’ is inspired by the LGBTQIA Community,strongly referring to the idea of equality respect to gender and sexual orientation. Thecollection is based on the idea of removing the differences between all groups of genders, shapes and sizes. It stands to have equality between all of them. It states the positive thought of accepting ourselves as we are.Anushka Pillai’s collection – Manic – is inspired by the undulating mind and aims to bring together two opposing ideas, producing different episodes of outfits keeping in mind two opposite emotions. The inspiration is taken from pills and capsules that indicate healing, which also is one of the key elements of this collection.Nitya Sasidharan’s collection, named, ‘not-being: a state of void’ is a simple interpretation of the beauty of the void and explores the constant state of being and not-being. The collection is a way of bringing its existence in the simplest form in which we can celebrate that very core of ourselves.Gunjan Borad, who showed ‘Out of Order’, a collection that explored the theme of finding beauty in the imperfect and served as a reminder to embrace imperfections, and to be true to ourselves and the world.Dhananjit Brahma’s ‘Bimorph’ collection focuses on the idea of celebrating all forms of life on earth and explores floral themes to show the one’s true colours through androgyny and the theory of ‘Fashion for all’.Niyati Chhaya showcased her collection, ‘Envisage’, which is inspired by surreal reality and opens the curtains of a dream-like theme, an apocalyptic concept depicting mutilation as we approach the end of time.Deshna Deepak’s collection – ‘Constellation’ – compares ideas relating to self-love and futurist-love and how they are correlated, intending to show how important is to love and cherish oneself.Jivika Goyal showed her ‘Roku’ (Japanese for the number 60) collection is inspired from the philosophy of ‘Itai Doshin’ or ‘one in mind; many in body’, and illustrates how seemingly opposing concepts, like geometry and nature, can stem from the same roots.Ritu Jain’s collection, ‘404-Error’ explores the shifting terrain of aesthetics in an age where the growth in technology and artificial intelligence is exponential especially in the field of artificial intelligence and employs bold and cyber age inspired prints and techniques that create visual distortionNikhil Kolhe showed his ‘Metamorphosis’ collection, which is inspired by the process of metamorphosis and change into more vibrant, bold and effeminate being; into a being that visually has minimal correlation to its previous form. However, it remains true and honest about the process.Darshika Singh’s Paradigm Shift collection is based on a sense of spiritual transcendence; a shift from one paradigm to another. The collection is a play between the semiotics of ‘future’ and an idea of evolution. It is a journey from ‘normal’ to a certain imbalance that births the ‘absurd’.Darshita Vakharia showcased the ‘Lanetic’ collection, that comes from a concept that straddles fantasy and myths with today’s reality and addresses adaptability.Devanshi Khetani showed her collection – ‘Adaptability’ – is based on the notion that with rising concerns about the climate change, terrorist attacks and the pandemic, that are driving everyone into survival mode and adaptability.Tanya Sethia’s ‘Asterism’ collection is a modern take on a dreamy, celestial theme through the abstract method of mixing and matching dots and lines depicting constellations that generating scintillation in life just like stars do in the nightGarima Bhadra’s collection, ‘Kathnik’, explores stories that are an outward expression of inner self. Bharatnatyam, a classical dance form of India has cut across lines of thought bringing new concepts and allowing people to make their own links and connections.Ishita Gupta showcased her collection, ‘Patch and Repair’, a collection based on the concept of mending and taping together pieces, to create something quirky and fun.

Talking about the experience of putting up a virtual showcase and the level of fresh talent, Diana Marian Murek, Director of Education – Istituto Marangoni, Mumbai said, “I want to congratulate my students and colleagues for creating with me the astonishing beauty of ‘Synchronicity’; it is an honour to be part of this extraordinary team. Everyone involved has invested limitless energy and effort into this exciting project, that fully communicates creativity, adaptability and passion for the arts. The collections of our 2020 2nd-year students are very unique and have been developed and produced while entirely in lockdown, which is per se a tremendous accomplishment. It is even more exciting to observe how much positivity and elevated vibration the collections are expressing, additionally to the authenticity and strong creative identity of every individual talent. Istituto Marangoni’s number one goal is to achieve and guarantee employability and preparing students for real industry needs and assuring their performance on the highest level of excellence. The participation in producing a professional fashion film featuring their original designs is one more step closer to achieving this.”


The Rilievi Group, a leading company in handmade tailoring and embroidery for the haute couture industry partnered with Istituto Marangoni for the event.Salon chain, Jean-Claude Biguine, supported the hair and makeup curation for the show.
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